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The Educational System in America

The Educational System in America

Education is all about life. When you’re done four years of attending high school, it’s time to become ready for the big leagues. Post secondary education can be divided into two major parts, College and University. Canada has a lot of both ball parks, but we have more Universities then colleges. Canada’s educations system is highly recognizable in the world. In the United States a lot of students decide to attend Canadian Universities or Colleges. Although colleges have a big population, a University should be more considerable as postsecondary education.

The cost of college is not really high. The expectations for college aren’t high either. College is pretty much a lower funded, lower educated University. College has more broad studies. For example at any college we can take business/industry linkage. This business/industry course is very broad, it sounds like a course in high school. Regardless, you shouldn’t judge it by the sound of the course; you should always take in mind the content of the course.

The time your at college isn’t high. When you are at college you can stay there for 2-3 years minimum. In those 2-3 years you can study a very general subject and get your degree. This is good for those who slack off in high school and don’t’ do any work. In college responsibility is fairly higher then high school, and the teachers of your course sometimes won’t learn your name throughout the year. For some colleges all you need is a diploma in high school to get accepted.

The classes in College are a lot smaller, and even worse the teachers in your class see you as just a number. College is seen as a bad post secondary education because of judgments and non-factual comments but if you look at the facts and the statistics college is turning into a cheaper and smaller university.

This is how postsecondary education system works in Canada, however the best parts of post-secondary education are the universities.

In comparison to Colleges, Universities cost are much more discouraging. Regardless, universities work around a better system then colleges. When you pay more for something you expect a better result, in this situation it’s no different. In universities the university, and the Canadian and US government provide financial aid if necessary.

Scholarships are more often seen then in colleges; universities tend to give out more...

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The Educational System in America

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