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The Fast Food Industry, McDonald's Market Research

The Fast Food Employee and Industry, McDonald's and other Fast Food Giants Market Research

The fast food industry has always had one purpose in mind, to maximize profits. Similar to any other fast food restaurant, McDonald’s takes this goal to heart and is doing quite well in attaining it. Essentially, any fast food restaurant uses the concept that “food nourishes the society just as it sustains the individual” to legitimize many of their practices. However, how do fast food restaurants succeed? How do they interact with the customers so that one chain out does its nearest competitor? The answer lies in the basic employee. He or she does the entire behind the scenes work in order to provide the customer with nourishment and establish a “dining room away from home” experience, while increasing the company’s revenue. Employees are the gears that make the company work and produce, but similar to gears, they are easily replaced. The basic employee is an expendable part of the fast food industry and the company treats the employee likewise or even worse to maximize its profits. McDonald’s is no exception to the norm. In 1997, after an arduous trial dubbed the McLibel Trial, protestors belonging to London Greenpeace succeeded in unveiling McDonald’s ethical shortcomings when it comes to the general worker.

The fast food industry is a standardized hybrid of the general restaurant industry. In an age where people spend more money to meet the standard of living, an affordable food supply would lighten the financial burden of the monthly food bill. Furthermore, “Americans are finding there is simply no time or energy left to cook a meal after all the work, personal improvement and social activities of a ‘New Age’ day,” leaving them in search of a quick source of food. The fast food industry is the combination of speed and affordability at the cost of quality and personality. Standardization is the signature of the fast food industry and conversely the bane of the traditional restaurant trade. Although the personal attention paid to each patron of the industry is lost, efficiency, convenience, and profit are gained. In fact, the purpose of the stringent uniformity of a fast food chain is “to increase the profit margin of the seller, not the convenience of the customer” meaning that the thirst for greater profits outweighs the traits of a family oriented eatery. McDonald’s is the pioneer and a prime...

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The Fast Food Industry, McDonald's Market Research

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