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The Importance of Surroundings in Growing Up

The Importance of Surroundings in Growing Up

Love and hate is as clearly defined as black and white. Love, is an emotion like no other, the emotion that combines, affection, warmth, fondness and any feelings that makes us glow inside. Hate is also an intense feeling of dislike, pain and any feelings that make us bitter. The difference between the two is all but a thin line. The line can be crossed at an instant from the love between two siblings to hatred. These two feelings are an important part of my relationship with my sister.

The only purpose that I served when I was of a younger age was to annoy and irritate my sister. Lorna, my dear sister, found without a doubt that I did this job remarkably well. My bothersome behavior came in my different forms. My constant laughing at any time of day or night for no particular reasons. I deliberately disturb my sister by jumping up and down in front of her face. Making noises just to annoy her such as “lala…haha…burp...” are also accompanied by funny faces such as sticking my tongue out and rolling it, crossing my eyes and walking in a non-sensible manner, all this to distract Lorna from her duty. Also, I would make up pointless and nonsensical remarks: “ What are you doing?…Do you like that pen?” while she was doing homework. Yet, all my annoyance and irritation is my sign that I love her and her importance to me.

If my surrounding were without the present of Lorna then my life would be full of emptiness and boredom. Her screams of “Get Lost” would be missed dearly. My restlessness would grow greater as I would not have my sister to bother If she was not there for me to annoy as a daily reminder of the significant personal belongings in my life would be like a soccer team without a goalie. There would just be something missing. My endless attempts to scare her would never happen and our love for one and another will never grow. Even if she were here, and gone for a period of time, longing for her return would be like waiting for an eternity. Bonding through this method might be unique but this is our way.

The many fights that I have encountered with my sister vary a great deal. They include pillow...

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The Importance of Surroundings in Growing Up

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