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The Importance of Values in Everyday Life

The Importance of Values in Everyday Life

In our everyday lives we encounter situations in which we take many things for granted. These forgotten things become of value to us the moment we find our self without their presence. For instance, a man holding his house keys does not take into consideration the value of those keys. He only thinks that they are odd shaped metals things in his pocket, which annoy him when he walks. Yet the moment he misplaced his keys, they become the most important things to him at that time. We only treasure things when they are gone. This is a sad truth of human nature. One day, I found my self as a witness to a similar situation.

It was 5 PM, a typical evening rush hour in New York. I had left work and boarded the “F” train from Queensboro Plaza. When the train arrived, I entered and noticed something unusual. The center of the car had a few empty seats while both ends were crowded with people standing. I didn’t pay much attention and sat down on one of the empty seats. I sensed a funny smell. It wasn’t long before I noticed a homeless person sleeping on three seats in front of me. He was bleeding from his nose. Why isn’t anyone helping him?

He looked very filthy. His clothes were torn and he was emitting a foul smell. Along with the smell, his eyes are glazed over, watery, and red. He was unshaven with a scraggly beard. He was shivering from cold weather. He had a trash bag full of empty soda cans and dirty clothes. Occasionally he scratched himself and people looked at him as if he had committed a crime. His mouth was a nightmare for a dentist. Looking at him would disgust them. As the train stopped at stations and more people came in they covered their nose and faced away from him. No one showed any sympathy towards him and his condition. He snuggled like a baby. All the seats around him were empty.

He woke up and looked around at the people. He wiped the blood off his nose with his hand. He sat up and stared at the blood on the floor....

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The Importance of Values in Everyday Life

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