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The Plot Theme Romeo and Juliet

Romeo And Juliet
Tybalt is another minor character who contributes to the theme of hatred. The Nurse reveals Juliet’s character. The minor characters,
such as the nurse, Friar Laurence, and Tybalt contribute to the plot, theme of
hatred and character elements of the play. Friar Laurence contributes to the
plot by marrying Romeo and Juliet. Friar also develops a plan to stop Paris from
marrying Juliet, by giving Juliet a potion, however, the plan ultimately leads
to tragedy. Friar Laurence decides he is going to marry the couple "For, by
your leaves, you shall not stay alone/ Till holy church incorporate two in
one." (II.vi.36-37) Thus showing how much Friar Laurence cared for Romeo,
willing to go behind the parents of both Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence was a
father figure to Romeo, he was always looking out for Romeo and only wanting the
best for him. This is seen when Friar Laurence says to Romeo, "These
violent delights have violent ends," (II.vi.9) warning Romeo to take it
easy with Juliet. Friar Laurence develops a plan for Juliet to refrain from
marrying Paris. He decides to make a potion that will put Juliet in a deep sleep
for forty-two hours making it seem as if she is dead. Then another Friar will go
to Mantua and inform Romeo. Friar Laurence is one of the minor characters who
contributes to the plot. Tybalt is one of the minor characters who contributes
to the theme of hatred. Tybalt shows he would love to kill a Montague where he
says to Benvolio " Turn thee Benvolio, look upon thy death."
(III.i.64) In every appearance in the play he is looking for a fight with a
Montague, at the party "This, by his voice, should be a Montague./ Fetch me
my rapier, boy. …" (I.v.53-54) and after he challenges Romeo to a sword
fight. Tybalt’s fight with Romeo leads to the separation of Romeo and Juliet.
Tybalt shows his true feelings for Romeo when he tells Romeo, " Romeo, the
love I bear thee can afford/ No better term than this---thou art a
villain." (III.i.59-60) This states that Tybalt has no better way to
describe Romeo then, he is a villain. Tybalt is the opposite of Romeo. All of
his actions stem from his hatred; where as all of Romeo’s actions come from
love. Tybalt has a lot of family pride, causing him never to back down from a
fight. He tries to show that Capulets are the ones who rule the land. If anyone
disagrees with that, they will be challenged to a duo....

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The Plot Theme Romeo and Juliet

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