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The War Between The Classes

The War Between the Classes

By Gloria D. Miklowitz

Table of contents

• 1. Introduction

-1.1 General information and the process of analysing different aspects

• 2. Main Part

-2.1 Biography of Gloria D. Miklowitz

-2.2 Summary of the novel

-2.3 Background information of the course of the colour game

-2.4 Characterisation of Amy & Adam and the relation to their families

-2.5 Analysis on the relationship between Amy & Adam

-2.6 Amy's journal entries during the 'Colour Game'

-2.7 Different views on the colour game between Canadian and German students related to the "Intercultural Learning Project"

-2.8 Comparison between the speech, entitled "The Scab" given in 1903 by Jack London and the theme of the novel

• 3. Conclusion

-3.1 Personal opinion of the experiment

• 4. Appendix

- Bibliography

­ Internet Sources

4.1 Material

­ Consent to Publication [Einverständniserklärung]

­ Insurance of Independent Work [Versicherung der selbständigen Arbeit]

1.1 General information and the process of analysing different aspects

First of all when I chose the novel 'The War Between the Classes' I have not have a precise idea what the theme what all about. After I got familiar with it I was happy about my choice because the novel is based on an authentically, sociological experiment which was held 1979 by Ray Otero. I also remembered that I saw a documentary about that issue some time before. The book deals with racial, ethnical and sexual prejudices which are the basis for the 'Colour Game'. The main purpose of creating this game is that the participants develop a feeling for justice, fairness and tolerance, which might effect a whole class.

I started to read the novel and after I got the topic clear, I focused my research on that topic. I found a bit of information about the game on the internet but not as much as I was hoping to discover.

So carried on researching and found several pages about the 'International Learning Project' which was done in 1997. I chose it because it appealed to me as an interesting project which was precisely matching with my topic and it presented several opportunities for analysing.

I also found the speech 'The Scab' on the internet which introduced an idea to me to compare the class situation to the situation at present.


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The War Between The Classes

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