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Toy Safety for Children

Uploaded by superrobotgenius on Dec 14, 2007

Toy safety in infants, toddlers and little children is an ongoing problem in today’s society. As of December 13, 2007, seventy-one toys have been recalled; the majority of them for either too much lead in the toy’s paint or it could create a potential choking hazard. Over half of the toys that have been recalled this year are because of lead paint. Many problems in today’s society is threatened by lead, not only in toys but wildlife too. According to several toy safety recall sites, the first thing on big toy company’s mind is whether or not the toy is safe. If your child’s toy is recalled you should go to www.cpsc.gov. there will always be more recalls on toys and parents should always pay attention to what is going on with toy recalls and parents should also, as my mother stated, watch for, age appropriateness, possible hazards the toy poses to your child and of course educational value every parent wants their child to grow up, have a high paying job and for their child to be incredibly intelligent and toys that teach and sing will definitely help with learning to count and know their ABCs. Another problem that’s rate of occurrence has gone down is a possible strangulation hazard. Lead paint is a popular reason that toys are recalled, but the point is, dead is dead, if one child dies from a toy, it should be recalled. One fatal toy is not more fatal than the other, dead is dead. If a product you are considering to buy for your child has the products xylene, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate in it, avoid buying it, try to find a similar alternative. Also avoid toys that use PVC. Use painted wood or cloth toys instead. If you have mobiles in the crib, keep them out of reach and remove them from the crib before the child is five months old, because by that time most toddlers can push themselves up. If a child has beads or strings hanging from his or her crib and they are longer than 8 inches, remove thm or it could pose a possible strangulation hazard. Young children also have very sensitive ears and if a toy seems a little too loud for your ears it’s probably too loud for their ears too. If you have already bought toys that are loud take the batteries...

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Uploaded by:   superrobotgenius

Date:   12/14/2007

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   3 pages (766 words)

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Toy Safety for Children

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