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Violence in the Media and its Effects on Society

Violence in the Media and its Effects on Society

Violence is a growing problem that affects everyone. It has become worse over the last decade, and I believe that the cause of this is a growing acceptance of violence in society.

This acceptance is becoming more and more apparent, in school and at home, but especially in the media today. I believe that one reason this increase is occurring is because people have grown accustomed to it being a form of entertainment and people are generally more likely to watch something involving violence than something without it. Violence, in essence, is part of the human nature and will most likely always be considered entertainment to some, and it is this fascination with violence and the fact that many believe that violence solves everything that I believe is keeping the human race back from reaching a new step towards true peace. Violence has been portrayed by the media in many ways and it is the shows that have a lot of violence that usually have the highest ratings. One of the best examples of this is Wrestling.

Although the people responsible for these responsible for these wrestling matches do attempt to add an interesting story to how the events unfold, in essence, wrestling popularity derives from people wanting to see the violence in these wrestling matches. Even though most people know that everything that happens during these matches are fake, and that these moves are done in a way as to not significantly injure the other person, the felling of wanting to see someone get beaten up by another person drives them to want to see it again and again and again, sometimes completely refusing to believe that it is staged because of their need for the violence. One of the main problems with wrestling is that little kids see this on TV and start to believe that this is the normal way of acting.

These kids believe that when something is not going right or they are mad at someone, that other person should be slammed through a table or beaten senseless. These kids do not realize that the wrestlers they see on TV are acting and are not truly beating each other senseless. All these kids see are two grown men , or women, doing this a believing that this is okay. Then these kids attempt these wrestling moves that...

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Violence in the Media and its Effects on Society

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