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Violent Affects of Television on Children and Teenagers

Uploaded by nikolovska1 on Jul 08, 2007

Violent Affects of Television on Children and Teenagers

What has our society come to these days? Violence is present everywhere around us; in the streets, school, and even at home. Violence can now be seen in many people’s living rooms while they are sitting down watching television.
Even if one appears to be a pacifist, violence will find its way into our homes through the television. Violence on television proves to be a root of violence in the whole culturally developed countries, but also in Macedonia. There are many examples and proven research that shows how violence viewed on television uproots all over our country.
Children and teenagers seem to be the most effected by violence on television. Some children that see violence on television are pulled into its harmful rules of problem solving. Many things should be done to change children’s view on television and how much violence should be on the television.

Scientists have tried to explain why children are so entertained by a big glowing box and the action that takes place within it. Research shows that television is a big source of violence for children. This research shows us that violence appeals to every audience, including children.
The effects have been seen in a number of cases. Children today act and dress older than they are. The fact remains that they still are children. The children that watch Barney and sing along and have a great time learn to love one another. The children who watch Power Rangers begin to kick each other and fight because that is what they are seeing on television. We should sit down and explain to our kids that the Power Rangers are trained actors and actresses. They are actually not hitting and kicking each other. Watching violence makes children act violently. As long as children see it being done, they are going to do it also. Children imitate everything they see.
Some teenagers go to violent movies and listen to heavy metal and rap music. Some teens argue that they have not killed anyone. These teens are missing the point. Television teaches teens to handle their problems in the wrong way. Some ways include arguing, hitting, and initiating other violent behavior-sometimes, even sometimes killing.
What we should be concerened about is also the disconnection from the parents and the lack of respect for authority. Parents need to take charge and know...

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Uploaded by:   nikolovska1

Date:   07/08/2007

Category:   Marketing

Length:   4 pages (890 words)

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Violent Affects of Television on Children and Teenagers

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