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Yes Capital Punishment should be Abolished

Should capital punishment be abolished?

In my opinion, yes it should. I assume this for many reasons. One is the fact that if the person being executed is not the one who is guilty. Another is that it is more expensive to be executed rather than life imprisonment. I also feel that it is an easy way out for the one being executed. I would much rather die than be in prison for the rest on my life. I also think the issue of sympathy plays a big role in why it should be abolished. The jury in a court case has the power to convict or to free a person. When they convict someone, they are ultimately putting that person’s life at stake. If the death penalty is carried out then they will have to live with that for the rest of their life. Whether or not they were right when they gave their verdict.

The first piece of evidence I found was at…………………………….. I believe that execution is morally wrong. This article also agrees with me. Found in the article, it states “it is the cruel and inhumane taking of a human life”. So basically it is murder. Also in the article, “no one, not even the state, has the right to play God”. In my opinion, execution is just like murdering someone. Taking a life is taking a life, no matter what the circumstances. No one should be able to kill someone.

The second piece of evidence came from the same article. It also brought up the issue of innocent executions. “The death penalty is irrevocable, the executed cannot be given another chance.” Within the last one hundred years there have been more than 75 documented cases of wrongful conviction. In 8 of these cases, the death penalty was carried out. Even though that does not sound like a lot, it is still more than none. “A prisoner discovered innocent can be freed; the same does not apply to a corpse.” The words in quotes all came from the article. It is bringing up a good fact. In my opinion, executing an innocent person is the same as taking a gun and shooting your neighbor (as...

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Yes Capital Punishment should be Abolished

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