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high school drop-outs

Uploaded by richb1ch on Jan 13, 2008

High school drop-outs

This essay is about high school drop-outs and why it is a major problem for our youth. Drop-outs are faced with unnecessary challenges that could have been avoided if they stayed in school and graduated. The age that people drop out of school is about when they are about 16 or 17 years old.

In the last 20 years the earnings level of dropouts doubled, while it nearly tripled for college graduates. Recent dropouts will earn $200,000 less than high school graduates, and over $800,000 less than college graduates, in their lives. Dropouts make up nearly half the heads of households on welfare. Dropouts make up nearly half the U.S’s population.

It has been known for many years that young people who complete high school don’t face many more problems in later life than do people who graduate. But it is not always a negative influence in a person’s life if they drop out. It mostly depends on what field of work labor you’re trying to pursue that if dropping out will help or hurt you.

Dropping out can be successful if they try to be hip-hop arts or if they go into the army. There are some other jobs that people who doped out can have but the jobs aren’t any thing to brag about. Plus being a drop-out it is hard to have a family because you are trying to live off of minimum wage.

It is not all that difficult to know why people drop out of school. Here are some reasons why people leave school before they graduate. Didn't like school in general or the school they were attending. Were failing, getting poor grades, or couldn't keep up with school work. Didn't get along with teachers and/or class mates. Didn't feel safe in school. Got a job, had a family to support, or had trouble managing both school and work. And had a drug or alcohol problem.

If you are worried about your child dropping out here are some statistics that you can look for in your kids environment and behavior. Students in large cities are twice more likely to leave school before graduating than non-urban youth. Almost 20% were held back a grade, and almost half failed a course. Nearly 25% changed schools two or more times, with some changing for disciplinary reasons. And 12% of dropouts ran away from home.

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Uploaded by:   richb1ch

Date:   01/13/2008

Category:   Social Sciences

Length:   2 pages (514 words)

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high school drop-outs

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