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Uploaded by anfal456 on Feb 18, 2013

With the spread of literacy ,libraries have become essential for the learning. Public instruction is making rapid progress everywhere in Canada.it is no more the privilege of the well-to-do only to acquire knowledge as it was no so very long ago. there are school and colleges in almost very part f the country.21st century dawns with a sure promise to be a country of peace and educational explosion. Libraries are promoting knowledge. They bringing with our reach valuable books which we can’t afford to purchase. they are particularly important for poor students. There is great importance for a good, well managed library. it is really very essential for the students as it said;
“THE LIBRARY IS HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE” A school with out library can’t be inspired its students to seek higher knowledge. Both the teachers and the students need a good and nice library in order to keep their knowledge fresh and up –to-date because.
LIBRARIES AREAS SHRINES WHERE ALLTHE RELICS OF SAINTS, FULL OFTRUE VIRTUE, WITHOUT DELUSION OR IMPOSTURE, ARE PRESERVED AND REPOSEDLibraries provide a good environment for study. Nobody is allowed to talk louder in the library .one may read with the calm satisfaction. A library is the best place notes on almost any topic. One can have to access a variety of books. We are fortunate in having a good library in our school. It is well stocked with books , magazines and periodicals etc.
It has teen rightly said:
“COME AND TAKE CHOICE OF ALL MY LIBRARY , AND BEGUILE THY SORROWS Libraries promotes a spirit of discipline, research and fellow ship .libraries with variety of active titles have a healthy beneficial effects on the eager minds of the students. Libraries are public property . We should keep the books carefully. Libraries should not be used as a gossiping place. We should make it certain to follow up the rules and regulations of the library.
“Library obviously plays on important role in creating a genuine love of look and interest in current affiants.”

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Uploaded by:   anfal456

Date:   02/18/2013

Category:   Sociology

Length:   1 pages (336 words)

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