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Free Essays On Artists

Read free biographical essays on painters, musicians, and other artists here. Find a Van Gogh biography, Monet biography, Michelangelo biography, Donatello biography, or Picasso biography.

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Free Essays On Athletes

Find a Michael Jordan biography, Kobe Bryant biography, Shaquille O'Neal biography, Lebron James biography, Babe Ruth biography, or a Derek Jeter biography. View biographical essays on basketball and football players, gymnasts, and swimmers here.

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Free Essays On Authors

View free biography essays on authors like Agatha Christie, Alice Walker, and George Orwell. This section has Edgar Allen Poe biography essays, Mark Twain biography essays, Shakespeare biography essays, William Faulkner biography essays, and more. Find biographies on all your favorite authors.

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Free Essays On Celebrities

Find free essays on models, actors and actresses, popular recording artists, and other famous celebrities. Find a 50 cent biography, Paris Hilton biography, Pamela Anderson biography or other free celebrity biography here.

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Free Essays On Politicians

Browse Bill Clinton biography essays, Ronald Reagan biography essays, John F. Kennedy biography essays, Winston Churcill biography essays. King Tut biography essays, and Julius Caesar biography essays. Read about the fascinating biographies behind politicians, rulers, and leaders from all parts of the world and history.

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Free Essays On Scientists

Browse biography essays of historical and contemporary scientists such as a Copernicus biography, Isaac Newton biography, Albert Einstein biography, Galileo biography, Da Vinci biography, Marie Curie biography and more. Our scientist biography essays detail their contributions to technology, medicine, and science.

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Free Essays On Soldiers

Essays on heroes of battle and times of war are showcased in this section. Find a Robert E. Lee biography, George Washington biography, General Custer biography, Genghis Khan biography, and more.

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