Free Essays on Social Issues

Free Essays On Abortion

Pro life, pro choice, and unbiased abortion essays appear in this free paper section of eCheat. You will find anti abortion essays, argumentative abortion essays, and persuasive essays on abortion. Use our free abortion essays to learn about the abortion controversy.

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Free Essays On Affirmative Action

These affirmative action essays detail the origins of affirmative action, its history and controversy. You will also find Plessy vs. Ferguson essays, Brown vs. Board of Education essays, the 1965 Civil Rights Act essays and the 1965 Voting Rights Act essays in this collection of free affirmative action essays.

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Free Essays On Capital Punishment

Whether you are pro capital punishment, against capital punishment, or are interested in the capital punishment debate you will find capital punishment essays here to help. Read both sides of the debate, capital punishment statistics, the history of capital punishment and more in these user submitted capital punishment essays.

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Free Essays On Discrimination

Browse essays on discrimination in the work place, historical movements, prejudices based on age, sex, or race. Desegregation essays, sexual discrimination essays, gender discrimination essays, and age discrimination essays are all submitted by our users.

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Free Essays On Drug Policy

Find essays on the pros and cons of marijuana legalization, foreigh drug policy, and alternatives to the war on drugs in this completely free essay category. Other topics include drug abuse essays, drug addiction essays, drug legalization essays, drugs in sports essays, and essays on drug use in adolescents.

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Free Essays On Gun Control

View pro and con essays on gun control, the NRA, and prominent figures such as Charles Heston and Michael Moore in the controversial debate. These essays cover gun control statistics and history and include pro gun control essays, and anti gun control essays.

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Free Essays On Immigration

Search our free papers on immigration policy, reform, and immigrant history. Immigration law essays, United State immigration essays, Mexican immigration essays, Irish Immigration essays, and both pro and anti immigration essays are available in this free immigration essay category.

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