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Self Transformation in Machiavelli and St. Augustine

This paper discusses self transformation as described in The Prince and Confessions. (3 pages; 2 sources; MLA citation style. I...

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john03 Published on 10/26/2011 1381 Reads Philosophy

Idealism in Kierkegaard and Hegel

This paper examines the way in which Kierkegaard and Hegel’s writings express their idealism. (10+ pages; 4 sources; MLA citation ...

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cooksterj Published on 10/26/2011 1328 Reads Philosophy

Kant on Transcendental Deduction

This paper examines Section 25 of Transcendental Deduction, contained in Critique of Pure Reason, in detail. (13 pages; 2 sources...

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cooksterj Published on 10/26/2011 1153 Reads Philosophy

Machiavelli and Plato

This paper considers some of the opinions of these men, as given in The Prince and The Republic. (13 pages; 2 sources; MLA citati...

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lanester901 Published on 10/26/2011 1608 Reads Philosophy

Hume and Kant on Causality

Kant famously attempted to “answer” what he took to be Hume's skeptical view of causality, most explicitly in the Prolegomena to A...

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dylanb98 Published on 02/02/2012 1598 Reads Philosophy

Racism David Hume's View

David Hume is a philosopher highly respected for his clarity of thought and constructive use of skepticism. His skepticism, howeve...

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dylanb98 Published on 02/02/2012 2195 Reads Philosophy

My Philosophy and Perception in Life

Philosophy in life is very important but as this time I am not really sure what are my philosophies in life because as for now I r...

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gailzkie Published on 12/27/2014 682 Reads Philosophy