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Nigerian Music

MUSIC OF NIGERIA Music is a transcendent experience, a ceremonial act that cleanses off the impurities of the soul an...

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hecma Published on 05/06/2007 6942 Reads Music

Conjunto Texan Music

Tejano Origins Songs of the Homeland by independent producer, Hector Galán, is an introduction to Tejano music. This documentar...

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hecma Published on 05/06/2007 2522 Reads Music

A Story of Tejanos and Their Music

“A Story of Tejanos and Their Music” Imagine driving through South Texas. As you pass through the small towns, countryside, the ...

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hecma Published on 05/06/2007 4304 Reads Music

Music Publishing

What Not to Miss When Negotiating Your Publishing Contract, By Lloyd J. Jassin, Esq. Visit: [1] What are the major types of publi...

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laurelgeffner Published on 01/06/2008 2529 Reads Music

Women Are You Selling or Being Bought?

While as a society we would like think that women's equality is a very real and sincere outcome of the battles for social progress...

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somethingelsetoremember Published on 01/18/2009 1659 Reads Music

Kurt Cobain The Fallen Angel by Adeel Salman

Kurt Cobain- The Fallen Angel by Adeel Salman Nirvana is a state of ultimate ecstasy. Kurt Cobain was an agent of this ec...

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eddyslash Published on 02/07/2009 2545 Reads Music

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Whibley was born September 27, 1984. Avril Lavigne is a Canadian pop punk/modern rock singer, songwriter, fashion de...

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auddie_p Published on 02/18/2009 3117 Reads Music

Tupac Shakur

This paper examines the influences on Shakur in his early life and how those influences shaped his lyrics. I Introduction ...

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lonewolf88 Published on 10/26/2011 1734 Reads Music

Webern Five Orchestral Pieces

This essay examines the fourth piece in Webern’s Opus 10. I Introduction Anton von Webern (1883-1945), according to liner ...

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baadasskid69 Published on 10/27/2011 1716 Reads Music

Comparison Essay on Carmen Micaela in the opera

This essay compares the characters of Carmen and Micaela in the opera. Bizet: Carmen I Introduction Carmen is a wonderf...

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baadasskid69 Published on 10/27/2011 2673 Reads Music

Rap Music and it's Lyrics

Music Lyrics being non violent Rap music can be considered a style of art, and a way for the artists to express feelings through t...

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zeeKster Published on 01/14/2012 2851 Reads Music


“Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory”-PB Shelley. Music is the only art form which can be felt. We can...

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debasmita_ghosh Published on 07/31/2015 617 Reads Music