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16th and 17th Century Performance Conditions

Uploaded by xsparklyvix on Sep 05, 2005

16th and 17th Century Performance Conditions

 The stage was covered with straw or rushes. There may have been a painted wall with trees and hedges, or a castle interior with practicable furniture. A placard announced the scene. The audience was near and could view the stage from three sides, so that no "picture" was possible. Verbal cues given for location and setting as there was no props or scenery

 Whatever effects were gained were the result of the gorgeous and costly costumes of the actors, together with the art and skill with which they were able to invest their rôles. Costume was contemporary to the theme, costly, elaborate and often symbolic (use of colour)

 Public performances generally took place in the afternoon, beginning about three o'clock and lasting perhaps two hours. (very fast paced, Hamlet took 2 hours to perform) Candles were used when daylight began to fade. The beginning of the play was announced by the hoisting of a flag and the blowing of a trumpet. There were playbills, those for tragedy being printed in red. Often after a serious piece a short farce was also given; and at the close of the play the actors, on their knees, recited an address to the king or queen. The price of entrance varied with the theater, the play, and the actors; but it was roughly a penny to sixpence for the pit, up to half a crown for a box. A three-legged stool on the stage at first cost sixpence extra; but this price was later doubled.

 Purpose built theatres appeared in 16th century

 No expectation of naturalism. Bold, declamatory style of acting which focused on language.

 Duelling fascinated audience- Hamlet sword fight took a lot of time practising. A lot of fake blood used.

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Uploaded by:   xsparklyvix

Date:   09/05/2005

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16th and 17th Century Performance Conditions

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