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A History of Women in Science

A History of Women in Science

Since the early 1900’s and until the past few years ago in the scientific field, female equality among the western culture has risen steadily. People believe that the reason why females haven’t progressed much in the scientific field is because of male chauvinism and sexism. Well this statement is as much correct as it is false. The problem goes deeper then this. Alienation of women from the sciences by feminists is the least of the problems that women face when entering the sciences. Gender bias, the burden of child baring, and the lack of self-confidence are just a few of the factors women must face while trying to succeed in becoming scientists in a world dominated by male superiority. The idea of equal rights isn’t merely an idea anymore; it is a living factor in our day-to-day lives.

The feminist view that support science as an equal-opportunity career is considered correct. But this view should be the same for the rest of the occupations and professions in the world. One problem is that feminist want to change science to fit the special characteristics that females have. Changing the sciences to fit the female sexes special characteristics doesn’t support the equality issue at all. Men and women must understand the effects that culture has on science. Feminists have such a municipally narrow minded view that often it incomprehensible to see that science is effected by the social activities and culture of it’s time. One is to believe that women themselves change the nature of science, simply by becoming scientists. There is no need for women to change the science because it changes as the women’s movement progresses. If science changes for women, then all of the sciences must change; including the way men handle science. This may still cause an argument in this debate over equal rights. Instead of the feminists arguing for a change in the sciences the males will be. The sexes need to find a medium where each part can incorporate their ideas on science and scientific approaches.

Equal rights are a positive idea and if nurtured correctly, it can become a spectacular achievement. Total equality in every one of its aspects is only an idea and is...

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A History of Women in Science

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