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A Small Collection of Poems by Jessica Benigno

Uploaded by sanguinegoddess on May 31, 2007

Padded Room

In the quiet of my padded room,

While insanity sets in,

I am comfortable and safe,

So either way I win.

The monsters can't get me,

And trhe voices will go away.

Medication's no longer a problem,

I'm slightly more sane today.

Don't take me from my padded room.

I swear I'll go insane.

Well, insane again to tell the truth;

Soft walls to ease my pain.

Razor Blade

Heart cracked but not broken

Pride shattered into a thousand peices

Cut myself just to feel the sting

To replace the pain, if only for a moment

I can't cut deep

I'm afrid of what I will find

Afriad of what will flow out

Along with the scarlet hatred that is desperate for escape

I watch the single drop of blood

It nmbs my senses and clouds my thoughts

Maybe I will sleep tonight

Me, My Contry ad The Universe

Lonley pains sink deeper

Cleansing rains save me

Thruth now fieghns the weaker

Heart in chains for safety

Pope ordains the willing

Army gains a team

In God's plains they're tilling

Where Death still reigns supreme

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Uploaded by:   sanguinegoddess

Date:   05/31/2007

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (158 words)

Views:   4888

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A Small Collection of Poems by Jessica Benigno

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