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A Valuable Relationship

A Valuable Relationship

Over the past year or so I have begun to analyze certain things that pertain to my life from a more realistic perspective. One thing in particular has noticeably affected me. My fourteen-year-old cat Alex, about 81 years of age in human terms hasn’t that much time left on this planet. My first real friendship and also the longest friendship I’ve ever had will come to a close eventually. He is my pet, but I cherish him like a brother and even a son. I feel as if I’ve grown up a lot while wrestling with the idea of not having him and how I will remember him farther down the future. I can get very emotional thinking about it, but those emotions are only second to spending time with my trustworthy companion.

I received Alex as birthday present on my fourth birthday. My mom obtained Alex through a friend who worked for the SPCA. Before we had Alex my mom had received a female Siamese cat through this friend. Knowing of my mom’s personal affection towards Siamese cats, my mom’s friend quickly offered my mom another Siamese cat, but this one was a male. I fell in love with Alex the moment I saw him. He was only 6 weeks old and still so preciously small and adorable. He was somewhat frightened by the new environment so my mom and I were forced to lock him in the bathroom with us while we tried to soothe his anxiety. The bathroom incident is something I’ll never forget when I think of my pet. While in the bathroom I told my mom and needed to pee (I was only four years old) so I handed over Alex to her. I did my business, flushed the toilet and gestured to take back Alex. I hadn’t closed the toilet seat yet, and Alex being rather frisky slipped out of my grip and into the toilet. He was small enough to be swimming in the toilet and at that moment I gained a rather deep affection for my new wily friend.

He was very trustworthy from the start, which was essential for me in order to spend such an abundant amount of time with him. As a young kid I was always around the house if I wasn’t at school and having my brother being born about three years of...

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A Valuable Relationship

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