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A Way of Protesting

It was a rare confrontation. The educated, elite students of India took the law in their hands. The objective was to protest against the reservation policy that was to be implemented-a brainchild of a union minister, disguised as a plan for the up-liftement of backward classes. Though it was a rare scene, it was not that surprising. Every body knew someone would pick the matter and revolt. When most of the political parties supported the bill, it was left to the students to call the shots. But, they did it in a magnificent way, and to such an extent that now, I am ashamed about the whole episode. The students along other protestors took the goal a much more important thing than the means. What could have a historic protest ended up being an offensive, shameful incident. The protesting student community showed its true colour in front of the media as well as to the whole of India. Thanks to the over excited media, the protestors got wide coverage and not even a single episode was left unnoticed by the public.
May be the protesting students are too young to realize the implications of the means adopted by them. It may sound absurd to most of them who believes that the goal is important than the means to achieve them. It may sound spineless to this rebelling generation-without a cause, to protest but with dignity and respect to colleagues and society.
As far as I am concerned, I am against any kind of reservation, anywhere in the world. Let the deserved get the applause and not the reserved. It is like what some feminists ask for. They call for gender equality but they need separate seats in the bus and separate queues. It is a paradoxical situation and does not have a solution. However, right now, the discussion is about the means adopted and not the pros and cons of reservation. So, coming back to the subject, how can any one, justify the show by the protestors. Coming out with brooms and faking as farmers and fruit vendors, with their white coat on, doesn’t augur well for the nation and it speaks how bad the education system in India still is. Doesn’t it also show how corrupted their minds are? Let us forget the highly educated Indians, and take into consideration the lower middle class and backward class. Even they will agree...

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A Way of Protesting

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