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AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home Market research

Uploaded by joeydaprof on Jun 12, 2006

Executive Summary

AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home is located in the growing suburb of Shell Cove, which gives our customers the perfect view of the ocean and is ideal for watching the sunrise while enjoying a lovely breakfast.
We open from 4am every morning and close at 11:30am. This is to ensure our customers have sufficient time on weekdays to enjoy their breakfast before work and on the weekends enjoy a leisurely brunch before their day begins.
AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home caters for the Upper class, men and women in the Illawarra. We have a full range of coffee’s to suit all tastes, these include; Short Black, Long Black, Latte, Double Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Flat white and Mocha. Our breakfast and brunch menu’s are specially formulated to cater for our target market and include some favourites like bagels, croissants and fresh fruit just to name a few.
Every morning we will get numerous daily papers delivered so our customers can enjoy the pleasures they normally would at home all in the one venue. We also keep a number of both women’s and men’s magazines regularly, to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.
AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home is currently looking to cater for corporate meetings, where the emphasis will be on privacy, relaxation, value and personal attentive service. We will have a full boardroom table to seat all participants, which will include a white board, flip charts, video, overhead projector and screen, which will be available for use by our customers.
Our aim is on personalised customer service to make each person feel welcome and valued as a customer. All our products are fresh everyday and the fast reliable service that our staff provides, is of the many things that people will grow to love about AJ’s Breaky2Bruch Heritage Home.

Situational Analysis
A SWOT analysis evaluates the businesses current position. It allows the business to be sorted into categories in order for the future of the business to improve. The SWOT analysis is comprised of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The Strengths in the business should be matched with opportunities found outside the business. Strategies should be set in place in order to eliminate threats and weaknesses.

Location- Situated in the developing suburb of Shell Cove with amazing ocean views. (See appendix 3)

Opening hours- 4am till 11:30am.

Select menu- Our menu is directed at an elite class of white collar...

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Uploaded by:   joeydaprof

Date:   06/12/2006

Category:   Marketing

Length:   7 pages (1,469 words)

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AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home Market research

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