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Abortion is Morally and Ethically Wrong

Abortion is Morally and Ethically Wrong

Abortion is the ending of a life whether the unborn child is one week old or three months old. Many activist have stated that is wrong for a women to have an abortion because the rights of the child are not taken into consideration. But is it wrong for people to decide what one women can or can not do with her body? It is a very hard topic to decide what is right or wrong. Is it wrong for people to consider the rights of an unborn child, or is it wrong to allow a woman to decide what she should do with her body?

I personally could never have an abortion unless there was a problem with my health or the baby's, or if the baby was the result of a rape. To me there should be no other reason. However, that is what I believe and I feel that it wouldn't be fair of me to push what I believe on to any one else.

It's a women right to chose; not hundreds of strangers to choose for her. If people want to decide for a woman they should just take away the right to think to, whether or not a women should have an abortion is a belief. If you take away a person beliefs if it's a man or a woman, you take away part of their rights.

Even though I think a woman should have the right to choose, I think that she should also consider adoption. There are so many people in the country today that are unable to have children, and who are on waiting list to adopt. I know that giving a baby up after carrying it for nine months is very hard for a woman to do, but at least the baby would have a chance.

I know that having an abortion is not an easy decision for a women to make, I also know that some people think of it as an easy way out. I would hope that these people would understand that this is a decision that a woman must live with for the rest of her life. Knowing that she got rid of something that was a part of her, and wondering what it would have been like to have the baby are things she must think about every day of her life.

I will never...

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Abortion is Morally and Ethically Wrong

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