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Academic Arguments of Evolutionism vs. Creationism

Academic Arguments of Evolutionism vs. Creationism

This is possibly the most fundamental question man has struggled with over the centuries. Philosophers have toiled countless hours, volumes have been written, and many a good friendship destroyed in argument about this formidable question. It touches on who we are, on our religion, and even our destiny.

As introduction the theory of creationism, some of its major supporters, and some of its stronger points will be discussed. Creationism is the belief (regardless of religion) that all living things originated from a Higher Power in the form they are today. This Higher Power has many names; to some it is Buddha, to some, Thor, Ao, God and many more. But the belief still remains that It is an all-powerful entity to whom we should give thanks and praise for the privilege of existence.

However, not all creationists are created equal. Many are quite humble in their beliefs and will ponder and consider other opinions, but will simply refrain from following evolutionist beliefs despite scientific evidence presented. For them, it is often simply a question of blind faith. Others will try to utilize and manipulate whatever ‘science’ they can find to ‘prove’ that creation in fact took place. They would consider that any other opinion on the origination of our current state as sacrilege. Faith, for many, is just as important as discovering fossils from millions years ago. This is not necessarily wrong, as will be further discussed in the conclusion.

A strong supporter of creationism (and a perfect example of extreme faith) is Dr. Duane Gish. Gish, who seems frustrated at constantly having to use faith as his evidence and having to receive perpetual slander from the evolutionists, has become somewhat resentful. Gish is, in all respects, an educated and rational man. He has written a few books on his beliefs; the book Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics is a good example of his work. Gish is an accomplished scientist who appears to utilize analytical thought.

Most reviews of the book agree that Dr. Gish "scored some points" in the book. The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) published Duane Gish's Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics. A 451-page book which, "evaluates the major arguments for and against special creation and evolution and defends...

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Academic Arguments of Evolutionism vs. Creationism

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