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African american history

Uploaded by eddo on Aug 02, 2015

Lucky Shango
Prof Abu J. Toure
History 2223
August 2, 2015
The Enslaved Mind
According to Malcom X “History is a people's memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals.” A man without knowledge of himself is only existing, he has no roots and stands for nothing, and therefore he is capable of falling for anything. The way Blacks think, feel, and behave has been influenced by their suppressors using various control mechanism. The ethos, perspectives, goals and desires have been clouded by propaganda, miseducation and misdirection of the blacks. Sadly, many blacks want to be white, lighten our skin, and try to acculturate into the oppressors settings because we are victims of intellectual violence. Blacks experience horrifying cases of physical White Hostility, but the impact Psychological Hostility is the most degrading aspect.
White Hostility towards people of color is often justified with Economic relevance, but I do not see how feeding of Black babies to alligators have economic links. I see this as pure hate and deserve no form of justification. Blacks suffered many forms of physical violence therefore it was easy for the psychological violence to be implemented. In African colonies, when the colonial language was being imposed, the White supremist turned brother against brother. They turned our kids into traitors, they gave them the responsibility of snitching on whoever was caught speaking there local language. What a form of betrayal. Coercing people into doing things in your way is a form of suppression, and undermines his/her individual freewill. When the British came to the Americas they had Irish and other slaves from Europe (Jordan 50). Where they treated in the same manner as the Indians and Blacks? I don’t believe so. According to David Walker, “Vain and deceitful is their speech, with curses filled, and lies; by which the mischief of their heart they study to disguise.” The black race has been manipulated horribly. The manipulations of Information as told and rewritten according to western perspectives have changed the global ideology of the African culture, identity, and traditions. Imperialism have stripped of the indigenous people of their land, history, culture, behavior, and ethos. Western cultures deleted and hid blacks’ structure of civilization, language, behavior, and ideology. Sadly the struggle for identity remain major challenge.
Today we see blacks who want to be white, who think slavery was...

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Uploaded by:   eddo

Date:   08/02/2015

Category:   History

Length:   2 pages (525 words)

Views:   1449

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African american history

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