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Against Affirmative Action

Uploaded by sls465 on Apr 19, 2007

Against Affirmative Action

Equality is one of the basic principles the United States is found on. In the Declaration of Independence it states “All Men are Created Equal.” Through out history you would not figure that that statement was held to be true. The United States has a very ugly past when it comes to the topic of equality. The most notable act of inequality was definitely slavery and the segregation laws passed by government. Black people faced discrimination from the start and are still facing it today. Other incidents were the use of Asians to build railroads, and the Japanese we imprisoned during World War Two. In the United States minorities have had a harder time than white males. In counter action for these hardships Affirmative action laws were passed. Affirmative action laws are set in place to increase opportunities for minorities by favoring them in hiring and promotion, college admissions, and the awarding of government contracts. Affirmative action is a very controversial topic and is plagued with many problems. The support for Affirmative action is weak and filled with many contradictions. Affirmative action is an unfair policy and should be ruled unconstitutional.

Affirmative action is believed to create diversity in the many institution which it is applied to, especially institutions of higher education. Diversity is important in an institution. It creates better people due to the fact that the miss beliefs of other cultures can be fixed through interaction between the cultures. It also helps in classrooms because the range of beliefs will be broader giving the student a broader mind. It is also believed that students in a diverse institution have the most engagement in college civic activities and also have stronger racial interactions years after attending such an institution. Diversity creates better people because of the broad spectrum to which they learn from and interact. An example of this would be a student who comes from an all white community. This student has no idea of the Black culture or any people with in it. When he goes to college and is put in a classroom with several Black students he has time to learn and better understand what he has not known before. For this reason and many other situations like...

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Uploaded by:   sls465

Date:   04/19/2007

Category:   Affirmative Action

Length:   5 pages (1,107 words)

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Against Affirmative Action

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