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Alcohol Effecting Our Young Minds

Alcohol Effecting Our Young Minds

Past surveys have shown that our students¡¦ rate of dangerous drinking is approximately half the national average. Every 3 hour there is one teenager death attributed to an alcohol related automobile accident. These numbers target teenager, who may be persuaded to make responsible decisions about drinking. Party is very often on our campus. However, people who offer alcohol in their party sometimes don¡¦t know that they maybe will against the law. We have heard many lawsuits about people who provide alcoholic beverages to their guests that related traffic accident. Some people will ask: ¡§How did this happen? Who should take responsibility for this?¡¨ But others think: ¡§It¡¦s great. We like to come and relax, forget about the pressures of school. The more, the merrier.¡¨ However, they don¡¦t know there is hazard behind the gladness. People who provide alcohol should be held legally responsible for alcohol-related accidents. This is a very serious problem in our society now, but lots of people don¡¦t know the severity.

One might say that the irresponsible host is a consequential murderer. People who offer alcohol should know that drinking would lead to lose consciousness. If people who hold the party don¡¦t deal with their drunken guests and just let then go, this is like let the soldiers to have a fight without weapons. There is no doubt that hosts know their drunken guests man have hazard when they drive back home. Besides, we heard alcohol-related accidents again and again. Then, why the hosts let this tragedy happen? When I was a freshman in college, I had no idea about the dangers involved with the rapid consumption of alcohol. I joined a fraternity in my freshman year. After every exam, whenever my fraternity brothers and I would get together and go to any places where have party. I remember that night we had a lot of drinks. After party, we were too drunk to be driving, but we still drove back home. This was just the beginning of misfortune. Our car crashed on a tree, and one of my friends was died in that...

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Alcohol Effecting Our Young Minds

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