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An Analysis of the Ambiguous Ending of 'Passing'

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jun 14, 2017

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An Analysis of the Ambiguous Ending of 'Passing'
The author of the Novel Passing did some credible literature. However, the ending of the novel seems equivocal to most of the readers from a global perspective. The reason behind the hypothesis is that most of the readers from a global perspective have a huge number of unanswered questions that arise from the end and final chapter of the novel. The ending might be a unique way that the author aimed at presenting to the literature world. The author might have achieved the perception as many people criticize the novel at the final chapter where the audience and readers have a huge number of unanswered questions. Suspense is an aspect that global authors use to present their literature work. However, most people reprimand ambiguity as it leaves the reader with many unanswered questions after going through the literature piece. The Essay discusses the aspect of ambiguity as presented in the final chapter of the book “Passing” by Nella Larsen; the book deliberately ends without a revelation of who is responsible for the demise of the main character Clare
One of the chief questions readers ask after reading the work is the person responsible for Clare’s demise. In the last chapter, it is quite obscure about the major aspects that contributed to and motived the person responsible for Clare’s death had before committing the murder. Scholars argue out that the death of a character is a factor that draws the keen audience of the audience to the Novel, which leads to most many questions if the death issue is not addressed effectively (Mandal 12). In crucial aspects of writing that seem to draw a huge interest of the readers to the narrative, require deeper addressing from the writer.
Besides, the author expresses culture and race segregation as huge factors connected to Clare’s death. However, the author does not give the audience detailed information that relates to the death of Clare. On the other hand, some scholars find the color theory in the novel to be a weak theoretical framework that most readers could use to understand and explain the death of Clare (Shoemaker 9). The chief reason behind the argument might be that the author has not invested much time in expounding on the theory and linking it to the narrative. To add...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   06/14/2017

Category:   Literature

Length:   4 pages (944 words)

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An Analysis of the Ambiguous Ending of 'Passing'

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