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Analysis of Hamlet RSC Performance Edexcel Theatre

Uploaded by xsparklyvix on Sep 06, 2005


Production: Hamlet
Date: 30th September 04
Venue: RSC

Director: Michael Boyd Hamlet: Toby Stephens
Designer: Tom Piper Claudius: Clive Wood
Sound: Andrea Cox Polonius: Richard Cordery
Fight Director: Terry King Gertrude: Sian Thomas
Costume: Emma Williams Ophelia: Meg Fraser


 The set was made of wood; giving the audience the feel that the entire play was a natural sequence of events. All the wooden boards were moulded together with no breaks to give the impression of a continuous semi circle.
 All the doorways were created out of the same material so from first glance the audience was not able to see where the actors would appear from. This added an element of tension as the audience did not know where the cast would appear from. Furthermore, the size of the doors meant when opened it had a great impact on the stage.
One large set of double doors at the rear (large group entrance e.g during the court) 2 full height doors either side of the double entrance and 5 slit windows. Behind these doors was a corridor created by wood stained the same colour as the rest of the set, this gave the impression live existed beyond the stage.
 A trapdoor was down stage left which was used in a number of scenes. During the gravedigger scene it was used as a grave.
Ghost scene, the ghost fell into it as if he was falling into his grave and then down into hell.
 During the scenes with Fortinbras extra dramatic impact was required. All the doors were opened and the black backdrop that remained throughout the play split in half horizontally exposing a white brightly lit cyclorama. This showed the audience that Fortinbras was thus the hope for the future and reminded the audience of the theme of politics as being the centre for the production.
 During the play within a play, a large red curtain was lowered from the flys. This instantly was recognisable as creating a theatrical stage.

Lighting – Andrea Cox

Lighting was simple but effective.
Enhanced without being distracting to the audience.

• Lighting was used realistically in this production. An example of this was whenever large doors on set were opened, shafts of bright light could be seen on the stage. This gave the impression of life beyond the stage
• The main ghost scene where Hamlet discovers that his uncle killed his father was lit with vivid images. Burnt orange waves were projected onto the back wall and floor; this made...

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Uploaded by:   xsparklyvix

Date:   09/06/2005

Category:   Hamlet

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