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Analysis of The Crucible on Form and Structure

Uploaded by xsparklyvix on Sep 05, 2005

Arthur Miller’s. ‘The Crucible’ has been written in a contrite style using four definite acts but uses a naturalistic style to show that the events in Salem occurred as a result of the natures of the characters. Miller does not use any narrative techniques such as monologues, which adds to the naturalistic feel of the play because the audience are not directly involved in the production.
Miller has written ‘The Crucible’ as a combination of both episodic and continuous drama. The time span stretches over the space of 3 ¼ months, with 4 very different locations within the town of Salem. Miller writes each act within a new location to show the changing of time (at least one week between each act). However, Within each of the 4 acts the action is continuous, this allows Miller to create tension and suspense gradually. This continuous style helps the audience to identify with the different characters, which is most easily shown through the character of John Proctor. By building up his character throughout Act 4, the audience can relate to and understand his actions in ripping up the warrant. If the action had been broken, the audience would not have fully perceived his actions.

During ‘The Crucible’ pace is used as a technique to creating tension. Throughout Act 1, the action is immediate and there is a constant flow of different people being introduced. By placing this within a small room, Miller gives the feeling of the characters being suffocated and a lack of privacy in the village. By juxtaposing this with Act 2 (for the first half there is only Elizabeth and John), Miller is able to create tension through the amount of space in the set, in comparison to the previous act, and through a slower dialogue.
Arthur Miller uses inserted passages of prose in which he comments on the background of the story or the characters which helps the reader to get a deeper insight into the characters so they can be related to. For example, The background to Thomas Putnam makes his actions seem more horrendous and inexcusable which ultimately the final result of the play seem more brutal.
Miller has written the play chronologically following the path of time. The changing of time is shown most easily through Elizabeth Proctor’s pregnancy and the number of hangings and confessions that have occurred. Miller uses exposition to make past events...

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Uploaded by:   xsparklyvix

Date:   09/05/2005

Category:   Plays

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Analysis of The Crucible on Form and Structure

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