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Analysis of the Practice of Combinatorial Chemistry

Analysis of the Practice of Combinatorial Chemistry

This article mainly talks about how combinatorial synthesis or chemistry is being used in the drug industry today. The article starts with how combinatorial synthesis began. It said it started in the early 1990s as an ambition of revolutionizing drug discovery. The rest of the article mainly talks about how they screen for highly complex mixtures, mixtures of equivocal mixtures. Then they move on to talk about screening of the interior of resin beads and then the screening of mircoarrays. This article says that if bridging the gap between combinatorial synthesis and bioassays is important if combinatorial chemistry is to achieve is ambitious goal of supplying efficient methods for the selection of biologically active molecules.”(Direct from article).

This article had some good and some bad points throughout it. The main problem with the article is that it was really hard to understand. They used a lot of terms that as the reader, I would not know. This article also seemed very technical, saying that this, this and this did this. Not much was on what is combinatorial synthesis. This article was probably intended for those who know about this stuff already. But why then start with something that would sound like some who has never know about this before what to find out more about it. This article was brief too; it sped through things really quick and ended pretty quickly too. It should have flowed so the reader could read it more easily.

Fairley, Peter. (1998). Combinatorial Chemistry. Chemical Week, 150, 18
In the article Combinatorial Chemistry they basically talk about what it is. The article says that it is a “the rapid synthesis of thousands or millions of chemical com-pounds.” It says that combinatorial chemistry has revolutionized the drug industry discovery process. The company R&D wonders what this experimentation could do for their product research. It provides many uses for combinatorial chemistry in research and the development of combinatorial chemistry in the chemical industry. There is one question that arises with combinatorial chemistry, which is whether this rapid screening can detect qualities of interest to industry researchers. But skepticism is fading rapidly with the recent research that they have found from companies like R&D, and by academic researchers. ...

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Analysis of the Practice of Combinatorial Chemistry

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