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Are You Next? Sex Crimes Around The World

Uploaded by makalah20 on Mar 12, 2014


A very sad but true story about a little girl named Lauren B, who was continuously raped by her father beginning at the age of four. According to the Australian newspaper, Lauren was diagnosed as having been physically abused at four years old by a hospital child abuse unit. When she turned five, she had been put under her father’s care; Lauren’s father served several years in prison for sexually assaulting his nine-year-old niece. Then, at age seven, Lauren returned to the abuse unit she was in at age four. This time it was for continuous sexual penetration. Her father Shane, penetrated vagina and anus causing her to wet her pants and soil herself. Lauren’s brothers described watching several similar events. They told their mother that they saw their father lying on Lauren.
Lauren is now nine and she is watched very closely. She has violent mood swings, talks about suicide, and wets the bed. Lauren also told her mother that sex does not hurt her anymore. Even though Lauren’s files are full with evidence that authorities have collected over the years, it has yet to stop the abuse; or undo all the damage that has been done to Lauren and her family. Lauren’s mother Jenny was born with a slight intellectual disability. Also, Jenny was sexually abused from the ages of six to sixteen.
Lauren’s brothers, Peter and Nathan have witnessed her sexual abuse. As a result, the abuse Nathan and peter witnessed has now caused behavior problems in them as well. Nathan believes that this is how you are supposed to treat women. When Lauren was three she tried to perform oral sex on her older brother in the bath tub. Lauren is closely watched in school because the fear that she will behave in an inappropriate manner around the other children.
Jenny wants to break the cycle of sexual abuse, starting with her children. She is seeking criminal injury compensation for the trauma and the stress her children have endured. Breaking the cycle of sexual abuse requires the sexual abusers to be prosecuted (Laurie, 2009). The court system cannot handle this all on their own, they need people to stand up and take control of this reoccurring situation. Though, perspectives on incest and of other forms of sexual molestation vary. Rape...

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Uploaded by:   makalah20

Date:   03/12/2014

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   17 pages (3,866 words)

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Are You Next? Sex Crimes Around The World

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