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Article Analysis Using Standards to Integrate Academic Language into ESL Fluency

Uploaded by coolzie on Oct 26, 2011

(7+ pages; 2 sources; MLA citation style)

I Introduction

People whose first language is not English face a number of problems when they try to learn it, not least of which is understanding and using the proper register when speaking.
This paper critiques the article “Using Standards to Integrate Academic Language into ESL Fluency,” by Beckett. It also briefly explains the concept of “register.” (Please note: This may not be the best possible article, but I’m in San Diego and my resources at this moment are limited to what I can access from home; all libraries and colleges are shut down until further notice.)

II Register

“Register” can be most easily defined as the way in which people choose to express themselves in a particular situation. For example, someone might say “Yo! How ya doin’?” to a friend but would be more likely to say “Good morning, Mary” or even “Good morning, Ms. Madison” to the boss.
There are three registers of language: formal, consultive and casual. We use the formal register at work and at school; it has “complete sentences and specific word choices.” (Payne, PG). The consultive register is not quite as direct or formal; but the casual register is very different from the others. When we use the casual register, we use a vocabulary of only 400-800 words; we speak in incomplete sentences and phrases; our word choices are not specific and we may supplement our speech with non-verbal communications. This is our choice when we speak to friends.

III Article Analysis
The article discusses the need for developing standards for ESL students, so that they can learn the skills necessary to compete successfully for jobs in a society that is increasingly complex. They need, in other words, to develop a formal register of language that will enable them to use English appropriately.
The article begins with a hypothetical example of an ESL parent insisting that his child not be placed in an ESL classroom, because of his fear that the child will not be taught what he needs to know in order to succeed.
“When registering Jose in the new school, his father was adamant. He wanted Jose in the "ingles" class where he would learn "sciencia" and matematicas," not how to say how-do-you-do. He was afraid that if Jose were placed in an English as a second language...

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Uploaded by:   coolzie

Date:   10/26/2011

Category:   English

Length:   6 pages (1,456 words)

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Article Analysis Using Standards to Integrate Academic Language into ESL Fluency

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