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Artificial Intelligence

Uploaded by CaseyP on May 15, 2018

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (A.I) refers to the development of wise objects that are capable of helping human beings to handle some real-life problems. A.I is also used when referring to systems used to improve human ability to think and reasoning. The paper will argue on the point whether I do or not believe artificial intelligence could be conscious like a human.
The article is known as “Can Computers Be Conscious?” written by Max Miller. The author starts by saying that electronic devices such as computers tend to have memory and think like human beings (Miller, 2017). However, the machines use their electronic brains when processing information. The author continues to argue that similarity between computers and human beings is still superficial (Miller, 2017). There is a major difference between human beings and the electronic devices. While people's brain operates on neurons as transmission networks, computers utilize zeros for coding and decoding information (Miller, 2017). The fact that human beings' brain, involves neurons and action potentials makes them conscious. Contrary, computers do not have signals to make them develop feelings. As a result, they are capable of being overworked without getting exhausted, which is contrary to human beings.
From the article, I do not believe that A.I could develop conscious like their human counterparts. The fact that they are unable to develop signals that could elicit feelings makes them different. In this case, they are utilized by human beings for their own benefit. The devices are capable to work tirelessly, hence becoming part of human life. They are also capable of accommodating large data volume. This is unlike any immortal being. Human beings have a limit. They cannot be stretched to the limit of remembering every detail they learn about their life. Contrary, A.I has given room to be manipulated as per the human knowledge. Therefore, they are not able to resist what is done on them. Instead, it is all about human intelligence where they are made more functional and productive. Therefore, they cannot be conscious.
In conclusion, A.I has been helping human beings due to their ability to think and hold large volume data. However, they are not close to being human and developing feelings. Hence, I disagree with the point that they can become conscious.

Miller, M. (2017). Can Computers Be Conscious? Retrieved from

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/15/2018

Category:   Philosophy

Length:   2 pages (385 words)

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