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Assertiveness Activity

Uploaded by CaseyP on May 21, 2018

Assertiveness Activity

Sometimes, individuals usually experience situations, which make it difficult to say no. At times, saying no to a friend or someone close may bring some guilt, but it is always to look for a way in which to say the no in a positive way. It is always crucial not to communicate to a person in an offensive or rude manner, because it is important to maintain excellent relationship with friends and family members. It is vital to be entitled to one’s actions. According to Smith (2011), individuals have the right of justifying their actions. The purpose of this report is to discuss how assertiveness can be used in dealing with a scenario.
The scenario under consideration is that Joe wants to be loaned a car in order to go and visit his girlfriend. However, giving out the car would mean that I would go to job on bus and spend extra hours commuting to work. In this case, I would respond positively to Joe by telling him the problems that would be experienced by giving out the car. Although it will be a good show to help Joe by loaning him the car, the problem that will be encountered will be huge. Based on weighing the outcomes, I will indicate to Joe that it will not be possible to loan him the car.
Besides, another alternative would be inviting Joe and letting him know that I will not be giving him the car. In this case, Joe will be provided with reasons behind not loaning him the car and provide him with alternatives. This would make him have another alternative that he can use in meeting his needs.
In conclusion, it is sometimes difficult to say no to the requests that people make. It is crucial to ensure that people reply positively even when the answer is no. this is important in making the individuals seeking assistance not feel offended. Providing answers to an individual based on assertiveness is considered vital in promoting healthy relationship and interaction amid friends and community.
Smith, M. J. (2011). When I say no, I feel guilty: How to cope--using the skills of systematic assertive therapy. Toronto: Bantam Books.

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/21/2018

Category:   Sociology

Length:   2 pages (365 words)

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Assertiveness Activity

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