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Back Again..

Uploaded by petrokarma on Oct 19, 2006

Back Again
I am writing this poem
To get off what’s on my mind
There are so many mixed emotions
You will be afraid of what you'll find

There is so much anger,
Feelings of hate and despair
I got so much shit to deal with
And not one person could really care.

I get treated and spoken to
Like im nothing but a bag of shit
I don’t get an ounce of respect or anything
Why don’t these people get it?

I’m another person just like you
I have feelings too, can’t you see?
The way i've been treaded lately
Just pisses me off I want to flee

I’ve thought of ending it
But that would just be low
I'll be hurting everyone else
I'll be just like them, f*** off and just go

I need to leave behind everything
Pack up and just go
But what'll that do for me
It'll mean i'm scared and got nothing to show.

I don’t have any answers
To what i’m feeling inside
I’ve sat here for hours on end
But all that happened was I cried

Does that prove that i’m weak?
Or does it make me strong?
Please someone give me some answers...
Where the hell did I go wrong???

I’ve done everything for everyone
Been the best I can be
It all gets spat back in my face
Why the f*** can’t anyone see....

I put on my music
And drift away in soul
It’s my only hiding place
From all the troubles in this world

If I didn’t have any self control
I wouldn’t be here right now
Id be f***ed up in mind and body
So something must've been done right, but how??

How the hell am I still here?
Living with this pain
I’ve tried so hard to change things here
But when I think about it, what have I to gain?

I’m going to leave now
With all my hurt hid away
Until something takes me to the edge again
And I’ll be back here another day..........

A.Petros@nec 25-10-04

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Uploaded by:   petrokarma

Date:   10/19/2006

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (291 words)

Views:   4597

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Back Again..

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