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Band Of Brothers, Ambrose Commentary

Band Of Brothers

As a result of Japan bombing Pearl Harbor and the continuous and forceful expansion of German and Japanese boundaries, the United States was thrown into World War II. The United States’ military was forced to mobilize and train civilian troops in order to meet the demands of a multi-fronted war. Stephen Ambrose describes a group of young, white men who are called upon by their country to go into war to fight for democracy. In his book Band of Brothers, he tells the story of Easy Company of the 506th regiment and 101st airborne in the United States Army. Ambrose chronicles their journey through basic training and their arrival in Europe. From there, he goes into the details of their experiences in combat from Normandy on D-Day to Hell’s Highway and the Battle of the Buldge. Ambrose concludes the story and shows the excitement and celebration of the soldiers as they help claim victory over Hitler’s Germany in World War II. Easy Company travels through Germany and Austria at the end of the war and along with the Allies stake claim to Hitler’s Eagle Nest. Ambrose obtains the details of the division’s journey through WWII by researching primary books and articles of the time and most importantly through personal interviews with the men that lived through the experiences of the war and Easy Company. He learns that the young men are joined together from different backgrounds, but are united under a common goal. It was through organized leaders and officers of the United States Army, which could bring an end to the war. But especially it was a special breed of recruits that”…wanted to make their Army time a positive, a learning, and maturing and challenging experience” (Ambrose 14). Ambrose writes that these men were heroes and contained an inner quality, which was above the rest of the soldiers in the war (Ambrose 13-14, 55, 131,194, 229, 236,253, 271).

The recruits came into basic training with the mentality to try and make the best of a very bad situation, that being the war and the possibility of being killed. In order to make the best of their predicament, they set out to learn the most the Army could teach them. Ambrose describes a very detailed account of the training they went through and what was...

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Band Of Brothers, Ambrose Commentary

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