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Being Interviewed by a Lawyer

Being Interviewed by a Lawyer

Being interviewed by a lawyer presented me with several new aspects on my major. Erin Berger, attorney at law, was able to help me fully realize how much I didn’t want to obtain a legal major. Although my interests are sparked by law and its different entities, it is not something I can see myself pursuing with zeal or any desire whatsoever.

Before I met with Erin, I was told by her paralegal that she was young; it would be painless. Little did I know how casual or effortless it would be. We started with a firm handshake, the only formal thing about the hour, and began to talk. “I’m not even too sure if I want to stick with a pre-law major,” I stated.

“Well, then I guess it would be a little more appropriate if you asked me the questions. What do you want to know?” Erin seemed very understanding and easy going from the beginning. I was able to completely desert my feelings of anxiety and what little amount of professionalism a freshman could have in order to open up and talk.

I confronted her with the infamous question, “Do you truly enjoy what you are doing right now?” without realizing how significant it was to either one of us. I was to learn that if encountered with that exact question 5 months ago, Erin would have replied with “No, I absolutely hate what I’m doing and I advise you not to do it.” Of course, with gained experience and getting a little more settled with her field of law, she has been able to tolerate her occupation if not enjoy it. Yet, listening to her telling a complete stranger how she hated her job and that she tolerated it seemed so unreal to me.

How could a person “tolerate” their job for the rest of their life? Shouldn’t one enjoy if not love their occupation? At least the first if not the latter of the two. So, the conversation continued to draw out points in both of our lives that would on a normal basis be hidden from the normal world. For example, Erin informed me that the only reason she became a lawyer was the fact the she ran out of options. She had...

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Being Interviewed by a Lawyer

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