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Biblical Summary of The Book of Matthew

Biblical Summary of The Book of Matthew


In the first chapter of Matthew at the very beginning of the chapter Matthew explains how the prophecy that Jesus would come from the line of David. It also explains the love and compassion that Joseph had for his wife. Because he did not know right away that Mary had not been with another man, but he did not make an example of her like most men in those days would have done. But when the angel came to Joseph and told him that it was the Holy Ghost that was inside of her and to take her as your wife he obeyed.


In this chapter Matthew tells us how the wise men came and found Jesus by the bright star that was over the place where He stayed. He also tells us how the wise men had a dream that they should not return to Herod the King because he wanted to kill the Savior. Also how God protected Jesus by giving Joseph another dream that he should go to Egypt until Herod is dead. But when Herod died God came to Joseph in a dream telling him that it was safe to go to Israel and as they left Joseph found out that Herod son was reining in Judea Joseph became afraid and took his family to Galilee. This was another prophecy fulfilled that Jesus would be a



This chapter talks about John the Baptist and how he would go from place to place baptizing people. There was also another prophecy fulfilled in this chapter, the prophecy was that someone very rugged would come out of the wilderness and prepare the way for Christ. As John the Baptist was baptizing these people he was dressed in camel hair the bible says. Toward the end of the chapter Matthew says that Jesus came to John the Baptist and asked him if he would baptize Him. And when John the Baptist had baptized Jesus the Bible says that the heavens opened and a dove came out and God said, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.”


The beginning of this chapter explains to us what we need to do when the devil tempts us the devil tempted Jesus three times and all three times Jesus quoted scripture to him...

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Biblical Summary of The Book of Matthew

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