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Business ethics essay

Uploaded by Anthonytaylor on Mar 18, 2017

Business ethics

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Business ethics is an important aspect in every organization. An organizational that is ethical in its operations has high performance since employees are comfortable working, respected and morally protected by induced business values. A wide range of ethical issues affect a business environment including sexual harassment, reverse discrimination, job discrimination, unsafe working conditions and bullying. In the modern internal business environment, it is important that an organization maintains high ethical standards to avoid loss of customers who are keen on the ethical nature of business as part of the corporate social responsibility (Catharine , 2010).
One major experienced business ethical issue in the United States companies include sexual harassment. Sexual or gender discrimination is more prone to women than men and is usually experienced through hiring and promotions, benefits, job classification and pay structures. Multinationals to small local companies have been accused of sexual or gender discrimination resulting to high profile lawsuits costing companies huge cost of funds. In the year 2015, gender inequality issues were reported from large multinationals including Netflix, Goldman Sach as a result of unequitable paid leave programs. Despite the efforts made by governments worldwide to reduce cases of sexual discrimination, this remains an issue of contention considering the adoption of technology that aims to reduce costs and increase revenues however inequalities in employee benefits does not translate to the business growth (Li , 2015).
Sexual discrimination has adverse effects to an organization despite many countries enhancing laws to minimize occurrences of this contested ethical issue. Victims of sexual discrimination have low productivity levels and do not perform their work effectively. For example, co-workers may joke about one’s gender in the workplace implying inferiority complex resulting to low performance to the targeted employee. Sexual discrimination may result to conflict among employees. The employees have difficulties working as a team due to unfair treatments. A good example is when a junior male is promoted to a female employee who was a supervisor ahead of her. The management decision creates conflict resulting to low performance and failure of the business to meet targets. Sexual discrimination leads to increased employee turnover since discriminated employees feel demoralized and develop a bad attitude towards the organization. When employees lack the organization loyalty, this leads to poor business performance and increased employee turnover (Catharine , 2010).
Walmart has experienced a number of lawsuits on gender...

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Uploaded by:   Anthonytaylor

Date:   03/18/2017

Category:   College

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Business ethics essay

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