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Canada And The War Against Terrorism

Uploaded by Panda05 on Dec 22, 2004

Canada And The War Against Terrorism

Canada will face the implication of biological attacks as it joins the war against terrorism in the 21st Century. Bioterrorism will have an enormous impact on the Canadian people and their quality of life. Canada must deal with this threat quickly and efficiently to ensure the health and well being of its citizens and restore the sense of security for all Canadian peoples.

Fear is one of the major factors associated with biological weapons. Fear may do more damage that the weapon itself. So far, there has not been an actual case of biological weapons such as anthrax being found in Canada. Even though a white powder was discovered on Parliament Hill, Health Minister Allan Rock says, "At this time, there are no cases of Canadians being infected by anthrax. There have been no infections, or even actual deliveries of anthrax spores, and few false alarms." Rock continued, "To date, very few suspicious packages have been brought to the attention of Canada Post." and concluded, "It is important to remember that the risks are remote."* Despite Rock's reassuring comments, Canadians feel much unrest, as the incidents of anthrax in the United States become more frequent. Even isolated cases, if occurring in Canada, would instill a tremendous amount of fear into Canadian citizens. Having a greater awareness would provide Canadians with a greater sense of security, but Canadians are too aware, they are paranoid. The fear is like an epidemic, it is contagious and the only cure for it would be to take a final stand against terrorism once and for all. Canadians are afraid, and enormous impacts on the economy and lifestyle have resulted. The economy suffers as Canadians withhold their money, spend less, take more time away from work and are less productive at work. The lifestyle a Canadian has changed, they are more alert and aware of the potential dangers and try to do anything they can to protect themselves and their families. These actions have caused a strain on the economy and have led to an economic slowdown, which could lead to a much dreaded recession and even worse, a depression.

In an effort to allay these fears and maintain the growth of the Canadian economy, the federal government has set aside tens of millions dollars to purchase...

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Uploaded by:   Panda05

Date:   12/22/2004

Category:   Other Topics

Length:   2 pages (538 words)

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Canada And The War Against Terrorism

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