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Cause and Effect

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jul 28, 2017

Cause and effect
The principle of cause and effect or what is widely called the causation principles happens or occurs when one event is a result of another action or event. In other words, two events must happen with one of them being the cause and the other one being the result (Huff 114). For instance, when a baby cries after hearing a door bang, the band is the cause event, and the cry is the result or the effect. Notably, this concept of cause and effect is usually experienced in many aspects including in nature where lack of rain leads to drought or too much rains results in flooding.
It is important to note that cause and effect events are interdependent and one cannot occur without the other. For example, there cannot be floods if heavy rains have not been experienced. Aristotle argued that the cause event can also be described as the explanation for another event (Huff 98). For instance, the bang on the door can be said to the reason behind a baby’s cry. Research has indicated that there is no separate entity for a cause or an effect. This means that A can be the cause while B is the effect or vice versa. However, only each one of the two can be the cause or the effect at one time.
While concluding, it is evident that this is a concept that is widely used in almost every process. Oftentimes, every event or happening has a cause. This principle is applied in everyday life activities and also in understanding nature. The cause of an event or an occurrence can be viewed as the explanation of effect event. This concept is also called the causation principle.

Work Cited
Huff, Ivan. Cause or Effect: Are Tragedies God-Caused or an Effect of the World? Place of publication not identified: Tate Pub & Enterprises Ll, 2014. Print.

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   07/28/2017

Category:   Business School

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Cause and Effect

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