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Censored Works of Literature , Beowulf, Grendel

Over the centuries, many books have been written, and a large handful have been challenged or even banned by societies. Certain books have better reasons to be banned than others and while some of those reasons seem valid, many will seem unjustified to readers. John Gardner's Grendel, published in 1970, is a prime example of having valid reasons for banning a book. Grendel is a alternate viewpoint of the Anglo-Saxon poem "Beowulf", written centuries ago, whose author is not known. It tells the same exact tale, the first story of Good vs. Evil, but from the villains point of view, in this case, Grendel 's. The novel describes Grendel's viewpoint and what he thinks and considers of himself and all around him. The story begins in the spring, and ends in the spring, and between those seasons, you read of how Grendel tortures men and their kingdoms all over the country-side, killing and eating, then finally meeting Beowulf for the final showdown. All these details are explained very in depth and graphically, which is a reason some have wanted to censor the book (Gonzales).

Grendel like all books have been criticized for its content, and also at the same time has been praised for its content (Grappling). When critics claim that it has much unneeded violence and graphic detail, they refer to the times Grendel terrorizing Hrothgar's kingdom, the main group of men Grendel seeks violence and death upon (Sova, 150-152). Critics also complain that Grendel's viewpoints are often nihilistic and existentialist, and they don't want kids to read such viewpoints, at least not without careful discussion within a classroom (Gonzales). Parent's often complain along with the critics, stating that the violence is senseless and overly graphic. They don't' want their children reading this, and want it out of the school curriculum (Sova. 150-152). Many of the same reasons for why the book should be banned, are some of the reasons Grendel has been praised. When critics complained of the depressing, and hateful viewpoints, supporters found them to help the book show its moral side. Supporters of Grendel often find that it is a highly moral book. Its viewpoints often share a view about the tale of Beowulf in a much different way, and extend the theme of the "Beowulf" poem's theme of "Good vs. Evil" much farther (Gonzales). The violence , and Grendel's...

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Censored Works of Literature , Beowulf, Grendel

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