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Challenges in the Business Environment

Uploaded by CaseyP on Aug 05, 2018

Challenges in the Business Environment
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Challenges in the Business Environment
Most businesses are conducted within the bounds of law but most important ethical considerations. The sustainability of any business or corporate depends on its approach to ethical issues. Ethical considerations related to the impact of business operations on the environment, society practices, compliance with regulatory agencies, taxation requirements, and employee welfare. However, over the past years, the ethical responsibility has expanded beyond the operations of any corporation to the mandate of its suppliers. Companies have the values and beliefs that they hold dear. These values are the basic frameworks upon which a company’s rules are founded on. Integrity and transparency among others are some of the most important values to any corporate. The supplier code of conduct is a policy document that outlines requirements to be met by all companies wishing to engage in business practices with a particular firm. Companies have incorporated changes into their supplier code of document in a bid to promote the values that are most important to them such as the employee’s welfare. As a company, I believe that one of the key factors to our enlisting in the fortune 500 is our commitment to our supplier code of conduct. Our current supplier code of conduct is the result periodic changes to accommodate emerging issues in business operations. This paper will discuss changes in the Supplier Code of conduct of Apple International Corporation and how it has changed over time drawing appropriate examples.
The purpose of Apple’s supplier code of conduct is to guide our partners in their activities. As a company, we hold our suppliers and ourselves to the highest standards in regard to human rights, responsible business practices, and the safeguarding of the environment. This means going far beyond the common industry practices all in a bid to improve the lives of our suppliers’ employees. Our supplier code stipulates the protection standards for the employees which are fair working hours, nice living conditions, and safety at the workplace.
Changes in Apple Supplier Code of Conduct
The supplier code of conduct of Apple has and often undergoes a lot of changes and revision to cater for the most recent emerging issues in business operations. The supplier code has five essential sections which include human rights and labor, employee safety and health, the environment, and ethics (Apple Inc., 2018). The Code of Conduct is taken seriously by...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   08/05/2018

Category:   Management

Length:   6 pages (1,332 words)

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Challenges in the Business Environment

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