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Changing Views

Uploaded by surfchick on Dec 22, 2004

Changing Views

Views about nature and God changed from the time of Anne Bradstreet, in the seventeenth century, to the days of William Cullen Bryant, in the nineteenth. Bradstreet's writings tended to focus more on religion rather than nature, although she uses imagery of nature to convey her thoughts. This was due to her puritan background On the other hand, Bryant's point of view is more about his existence in nature rather than religion. He was a religious man as well, but he focused more on how other forms of life in nature are closely related to human life and the lessons that can be learned from them.

Bradstreet's poetry reflects her religiousness. She has accepted God and everything he does. She believes their is reason for His actions and does not question Him. This acceptance is evident in "On My Dear Grandchild Simon Bradstreet." "Cropped by th' Almighty's hand: yet he is good. With dreadful awe before Him let's be mute, Such was His will, but why, let's not dispute." She will not question God on his actions nor wants anyone else to do so. He has taken this child at a young age and has done so with reason that must not be questioned. Human existence on earth is due to His will. She has learned to live by His rules from her religious background and portrays this in her poetry.

Her devotion to God is apparent in her poem "On the Burning of Our House." She announces that she will give up the love of her material possessions in return for a life in Heaven. "Farewell, my pelf, farewell my store. The world no longer let me love, My hope and treasures lie above." This reveals her point of view on her existence in nature. She has a closer relationship with God and would rather spend eternity with Him rather than stay on earth. Instead of becoming angry with God when her house has burned down, she accepts His actions and lets her hope for heaven be known. She is thankful that He has left her family with enough possessions to survive with and in good health. Her earthly surroundings are of no importance to her. She lives to one day be with God.

Bryant personifies Mother nature,...

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Uploaded by:   surfchick

Date:   12/22/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   3 pages (770 words)

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Changing Views

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