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Chaucer Creative Writing Exercise

Chaucer Creative Writing Exercise

There was a farmer in the Midwest – a dairy farmer, to be exact, and on the outskirts of Prairie, Missouri, to be exact. Very little else about him was exact. He had a dairy, but he didn’t exactly run it – if there was milk there was and if not, there wasn’t. He had a son, though he didn’t exactly have any family – at least he had a biological son in Seattle who found him not long after he arrived in Prairie and that he heard from once in a while. And he was called Baker, though it wasn’t exactly his name. Long after, looking through his house, it was found that his real name was Plummer, he was educated, and that on a lark, he had traded identities with a hick acquaintance, whom he had met sometime shortly before he moved to Prairie and took over the milk operation from the former dairyman’s son, who wanted nothing to do with it.

Well, according to the natural course of things and Sam Baker’s lack of concern, the dairy sooner or later showed signs of not running on its own steam much longer. Baker had to let one of his helpers go, and pretty soon the other one too. And Baker didn’t like cows. He didn’t like milking. But it didn’t seem like he was going to do anything about it one way or the other, either. And about this time seems like his son from Seattle called him, got a promotion or a new job or something like that, and so it ends up Sam telling him yeah, the dairy’s kinda not puttin’ out much right now – oh I don’ know – maybe I’ll take a look tomorrow, see if I can tinker up the milkin machine – no, it ain’t workin real good. Yeah, old. Hey, dairy’s fine. Just had to let the guys go. No money. Nah, they were OK, but hey boy, what I really need, ya know, is one a them real machines, the kind you make, huh? Some real dairy worker – that can run the milking machine and figure out all the delivery schedules and feeding schedules and hey, there’s machines that can do all that junk, you just need a...

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Chaucer Creative Writing Exercise

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