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Civil Conflict

Uploaded by lil_dee99 on Nov 05, 2005

Culminating Activity: Summary
Civil Conflict
Civil conflicts are disagreements that occur in a country that is divided into two groups that each have different opinions and views on how the country should operate. Civil conflicts are also known as civil wars. These conflicts have occurred in many countries all over the world and still continue to take place today. In 1999, forty countries in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe were undergoing internal conflicts. Many of these wars have been taking place for years and have not yet reached agreements that would indicate they are coming to end. Since 1996, 60 percent of civil conflicts have lasted more than 5 years and one third last longer than 20 years.
Civil conflicts mainly affect citizens living in the country undergoing the war, who are not actively participating in the violence (civilians). From 1989 to 1999 more than 5.5 million people have been killed and 74 to 90 percent of them were civilians. Internal conflicts also influence all people living in the world. People who do not reside in a country undergoing war are still affected because of their family and friends who may live in an affected country. Since 16.5 million people have died in internal conflicts since 1945, it is evident that these deaths have affected all people in some way. However, the media does not consistently broadcast many civil conflicts and therefore many people may not have even heard of the wars and consequently they have not been affected.
Civil wars began when people first developed the ability to form counties and nations. Since then, they have continued to take place and there is no sign that they are coming to an end.
Civil wars occur for a variety of reasons. They mainly take place because humans are greedy, desire power and believe their opinions are all that matter. In the past, internal conflicts happened because of abuse of human rights, such as slavery, and because of political opinion. In the last century civil conflicts have occurred because of land disputes, struggles for a more democratic government, and hatred between ethnic and religious groups.
Civil wars are so horrible because millions of people are killed and even families can be split apart. Internal conflicts have much higher death rates than interstate wars, as 16.6 million have died since 1945...

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Uploaded by:   lil_dee99

Date:   11/05/2005

Category:   Other Topics

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Civil Conflict

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