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Coastal Erosion Geology Research Report

Coastal Erosion Geology Research Report

The topic that I chose to do my geology extra credit paper on is coastal erosion. There are many different types of coastal erosion and are all very important. There has been a lot of research done on coastal erosion and all have been very helpful in understanding it clearly. The first attempts to stop coastal erosion were to build sea defenses, and this has been going on for many decades now. Researchers first thought the attempts were successful, but after several years it was understood that the power of the sea was too powerful for any kind of human defense. Huge costs were involved, but the only thing that produced was protection. Many methods around the British Isles have taken place in the last fifty years only to occur in many different failures. It is very rare to find a coastline with a decrease in the rate of erosion after many years after defenses have been put into place. The fact that the erosion process actually speeds up in the different places that these defenses have been set up comes from different research. Coastal erosion is the natural process of erosion, transportation, and deposition. Interfering with these natural processes could be the blame for the rise in erosion on the coasts of some areas.

One way that has been helpful in the management of coastal erosion is the building of groins. Groins have been built out to sea in many areas of the British coastline. The reason for doing this is to trap material and thus slow down the rate of longshore drift. The downside to these groins is that they have been blamed for the rise in erosion rates further down the coast. People are complaining that the erosion occurs more rapidly after these groins have been made. One of the only ways to stop this is to just start building more groins.

There is a coastline in Humberside where erosion is taking place about two meters per year. There is a strong action of longshore drift taking place along this coastline. Over many many years, this has caused a spit to form on the southern tip of Holderness, which is called the Spurn Head spit. The spit is over four kilometers long and 100 meters wide. ...

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Coastal Erosion Geology Research Report

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