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Communication Barriers

Uploaded by CaseyP on Mar 01, 2017

Communication Barriers
Communication plays a vital part in ensuring the success of any organization. It is the tool that enables workers to reduce inefficiencies and wastage by making sure that they all aim at achieve the goals of the entity. In a society where information has become a necessity, there are several barriers that limit the effectiveness of interpersonal communication and thus interfering with the overall performance of the organization. The situation has been made worse by the fact that the world has become increasingly interconnected, and this has led to people who come from very different backgrounds working together. The paper evaluates the issue of communication barriers and its impact on a worker's output. It seeks to show that the challenge can be eradicated by creating an environment that enables employees to learn the importance of communication and the ways the barriers can be avoided for the betterment of the firm.
Report of incidence
Recently, I was working in a welfare organization which tries to ensure that poor members of the society are protected from exploitation by their wealthy counterparts. Here, my job was to ensure that all those who were in need of the firm's services were given an opportunity to make their case. In the same workplace, there was an accountant who was of Southeast Asia origin. Given the nature of our responsibilities in the entity, we hardly had an opportunity to interact apart from the occasional mingling during office meetings. However, this soon changed after we engaged each other in a heated argument that almost turned violence in the accounts office.
On this particular day, I received an email from his office requiring me to report to him immediately. The memo stated that I had failed to account for some funds allocated to me and that failure to report would result in unwanted consequences. After reading his mail, I was overcome with anxiety and range at the same time. I stormed into his office demanding an explanation for calling me a thief. Though he looked surprised by my claims, this did not stop me from insisting that I get an explanation. After I had been done reprimanding him, he asked what I was taking about. I referred him to the email he had sent to me. After exchanging some word, he stood up and told me to leave his office. Before exciting, I looked straight into his eyes and...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   03/01/2017

Category:   Psychology

Length:   8 pages (1,806 words)

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Communication Barriers

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