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Compare and Contrast Why People Get Married

Uploaded by carmcca28 on Mar 30, 2006

Why People Marry-
Love and Companionship
Desire to have children
Adult Identity
Personal fulfillment
Continuity and Permanence
Social Legitimacy, Social Pressure
Economic Security
Rebellion or Revenge
Practical solutions to problems,
What do people expect from a marriage- engagement, showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and a wedding, commitment, children, happiness

Compare, and Contrast the four Micro-Level perspectives on the family.
Which do you think best explains the family on a Micro Level?

In comparing all four of the Micro-Level perspectives on the family, I find that they all deal with how the family members affect the family. Whether changes in their behavior, contributions, interactions, or the changes that occur over a period of time.
In contrast they each define a different change that can occur within the family members.
Symbolic Interaction looks at the behaviors of the individual family members that can affect the family, whereas Social Exchanges focuses on the efforts, Family Life Course looks at the effects that growth over a life span can have on the family, and Family systems focuses on the interactions of the individual family members within the system.
In my opinion I feel that the Family Life Course best explains the family on a Micro Level, because family change as time goes by. We get married, get divorced, we have children, our children go away to college, family members pass away, grandchildren are born, extensions are made with daughter in laws, and so on, in which affects the individual family members.

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Uploaded by:   carmcca28

Date:   03/30/2006

Category:   Sociology

Length:   1 pages (240 words)

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Compare and Contrast Why People Get Married

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